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On my previous post Getting Started....But Confused. I’ve mentioned about on how to begin and where to start to make an online business. Like be an Affiliate Marketer.Now I found it. It’s . Actually, i discovered this program a few months ago from a thread in King Of Dollars forum. The official forum for

But at that time, I don’t really interested on Affiliate Program ‘cause i’m more interested, excited, and crazy on investing my money into High Yield Investment Program which is the biggest scam on the Net.

Can you imagined that by just investing your money on certain investment program can give you profits up to 150% in just a few days without doing anything. That’s make me attracted on that time. Afterall,HYIP are very risky.

I do got scam USD150 and that is a big amount for me. Convert it into Ringgit Malaysia its more or less than RM560. Like people always said if you’re joining HYIP,”don’t put all the eggs in one basket” and I decide to quit from HYIP.

No luck for me investing my money on HYIP and besides mostly of them are scammers. I still remember an article titled The Fastest Ways To Make Money Online by Maria Shallah Orendain posted by Mofat in King of Dollars Forum(this is where I’ve found Sitesell that I mentioned above). It give me sources to start blogging.

That’s why I starting blogging and be an affiliate marketer now after being scam from HYIP. hehehe... here’s the Article.

The Fastest Way to Make Money By Maria Shallah Orendain

If you want easy money without doing anything.Try the HYIP’s
  • Be sure to play it right.
  • Be very cautious.
  • Choose well, research well.
  • And Do not invest more than you can afford to lose.
  • There are lots of Hyips that cannot be trusted now.
  • I would suggest, it's not for having fastest income or money making right away. It's how you persevered, you have to have a long term plan.
  • Be patient.
  • Plan well.
  • I would suggest you try the FOREX MARKET like
  • They give out $5 for free with I think about $10,000 play money for you to practice forex.
  • You have to study how forex market plays though.
  • Understand and study the facts and risks before you must indulge.

Try Blogging

  • Join blog sites like the blogger, blogcharm, and many more.
  • It is very important that your blog is very rich in content.
  • Do a lot of thinking, research and study, as always...
  • Plan well,have a good design layout and also your content must be good.
  • "Why build just a website if you could also build a web business?"
  • I must recommend when you want to make a website and one that could help you out towards growing your web business.
  • Build a website with this company:Click Here THE SBI!
  • If you want just a domain, try
  • There are also some who offers a free domain like the .tk

  • Become an Affiliate marketer.
  • Try get an ebook in Affiliate Marketing
  • Or have some tips like: affliatelifestyle, affiliatesalert, affiliatesguide
  • Then have a goal to achieve: Lots of traffic to your BLOG and/or your WEBSITE
  • Try submitting to Google Adsense,, or

But remember always do research, study every business you're going to get yourself engaged to. Be cautious. Always be patient. You'll see the outcome sooner and greater than you expected.

Well, I hope that this article may give some helpful guidance in making money online on the net. I do follow this article guidance way to make money online beside reading en. Zahir blogs. If you don’t want to risk your money by investment and feel afraid of being scam on HYIP, why not try be an Affiliate Marketer.

Most Affiliate program are free to join especially Sitesell 5 Pillar Affiliate Program. No risk at all. All you have to do is Feed your Brain by doing a research and study for every business you are into. Especially when you’re joining Sitesell’s 5 Pillar Affiliate Program, you got an option which Sitesell Products you choose to start your affiliate business. Click here for more information about Sitesell 5 pillar Affiliate Program.

Isn’t that great just with an effort you can get income? My goal is that i want to be an Affiliate Marketer that have an income every month and I’m looking forward to gain my knowledge about Sitesell Products to achieved my goal.

LOUI$$ said...

Good start naz, keep it up!


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