The Confession : Azam Baru

I hope with this confession that i made on my personal blog. It Will spread all over the world....
Not because i'm trying to show off something here to people's out there who read this post. But i just wanna share something that i think may give some benefits to other people out there.
I'm not gonna make a long confession about my "Azam Baru" for this year. Just want to make it short. So here it is : The Reveal

1. As my daddy always adviced me,Be a significant person in our life and share something that give benefits to other people from what we've learn in life. So, for short. Be A Better Person.
Rantau Abang, Terengganu

2. One of the most important things that i want to achieve this year : Get Web Developer certificate.

3. Love to take pictures, hope to make some money from it. Do what you love, then the money will come : Photography


  1. First of all i would like to say congratulation because u have made the right choice for enhancing yourself through education. How hard it is, or how how difficult it is, never give up on getting a better education. Believe me because i've gone through it. Selagi hidup kita berniat untuk mengejar ilmu, insyaALLAH rezeki akan datang dengan sendirinya. Biar miskin harta, tp, jangan sesekali kita miskin ilmu. Kerna ilmu akan dibawa sehingga bertemu ALLAh nanti. We live for ALLAH, and retrun to ALLAH. So plz nvr ever abondon our obligation to ALLAH. Seburuk mana keadaan kita sekarang, seburuk mana pandangan orang pada kita sekarang,kita tak peduli, kerna kita tahu hanya ALLAH lah satu-satunya teman yang kita amat sanjungi, yang faham akan hati dan niat kita. Sesungguhnya pandangan ALLAH pada kita yang paling penting..Semoga kita tergolong dalam golongan yang beriman..amin...

  2. Fandey....

    Thanks for precious comments the i've ever had on my blog. Thanks for the advice that you write on my simple blog. May Allah Bless you.


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