Streamyx Oh... Streamyx

Streamyx, Oh Streamyx
Mengapa engkau lambat

Bagaimana ku tak lambat
Submarine cable dah mampus

Streamyx Oh Streamyx
Mengapa repair lama sangat

Bagaimana tak lama
Ini international waters punya pasal

Streamyx Oh Streamyx
Mengapa engkau takdak back-up plan

Bagaimana nak ada back-up
Gomen tak kasi subsidi

Streamyx Oh Streamyx
Bilang hang nak pi mampui

Streamyx Oh Streamyx
Bila hang nak paham
The whole of Malaysia hate you

Artikel ini dipetik dari 5XMOM

Last night i had a problem with the internet connection at home. The internet connection always hang and disconnected due to the problem of Hang Session/end Session or whatever it may call. I dont remember it anymore since that term only used by streamyx broadband operator. I've been facing this connection problem since i got here 2 weeks ago. This is the 4th time.

Now, Alhamdulillah the internet was already in good connection after the operator give me some instruction on how to solve this problem. No hanging(banging) or get disconnected anymore. Hope this internet connection problem won't come back anymore.

It doesn't mean i copy post this article i hate Streamyx Broadband (TM). It just i don't satisfied the way they manage the internet system. They should be more alert and productive about their services that they provided. That's all i can say...


  1. wah..marah sgt pasai streamyx ek....
    sedap bunti pantun nie...versi baru tahun 2009 yer..hahahhaha
    dah dpt 6 pax ker..?


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