Ole-ole From Qatar

Here's what i got from my Daddy in Qatar.

I was asked by my Daddy if there something that i want as an ole-ole from Qatar. But i don't request anything. Then, after a few days i look back on the Igal (some of them call Ogaal)that i bought previously while i'm in Qatar few months ago. I bought the wrong Igal which doesn't have a tail. I change my mind to request to get me an Igal with a tail. So i'll have a complete National Qatarian Men Custom. According to Dad, An Igal with a tail is the Dress Code of Qatarian men. Which i think the differences between other arabian country dress code.

Need to watch this. Which originally downloaded from Youtube.

Sweet Non-alcoholic Perfume.

T-Shirt Of Bidding nation Qatar 2022.

A very LOVELY Drawing letter from WAWA. It doesn't have a price but it's very sentimental value for me. She said to dad that she doesn't buy anything for her foster brother from Qatar so she decided to draw something for me. Which really touch me Heart. :) Love u Wawa. You're such a lovely and Pure Heart little girl.


  1. wah beshnya dpt hadiah dr sana bukan senang nak dpt.. :D

  2. Alhamdulillah dapat ayah yang baik dan sayang kat kita. hehehhe. :)


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