Solama Notblogging

It's been a few months didn't write any content of this blog. seems like i'm lost with it. No idea, getting bored, don't know what to do with my blog, what else? Maybe this is because of study, kiosk of my life i've been gone through or is it because of facebook trend. Anyway, i still "sayangkan" my blog.

I think i have to peras otak on how to make my blog more interesting to readers not because of gain readers more money will come as u'll notice i've put some ads on my sidebar. I had thought that i should be more open to who i am in this blog nut not that really over sangat nak bagitau what i do every day.

Still banyak lagi i need to do......but insya'allah will keep maintain this blog as my  e-diaries of my life.


  1. Alhamdulillah dah hidup kembali blog ni. Sebenarnya kena ada discipline blogging ni. Find a time within a day to write. Actually I m telling this to myself kerana my blog pun dah lama bersarang... hehehe. Happy writing.

  2. :) Thank you Dad. But daddy kira ok lagi. bulan2 masih ade content kat blog daddy. Nazmie berbulan tak update. Harap2 blog nie berkekalan sampai ke akhir hayat. :)


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