EveryDay 2 School

Since SPM exam is around the corner,I'm attending a special class at school. Thanks to the Principal of that School that giving me an oppurtunity to Study there esp. for Islamic subject. Since i'm very new to this subject, i'm facing a hard time to find an Ustaz for teaching me this Subject since it is not avaiable at any Tuition centre. Alhamdulillah, with the help of my Cousin Kak Far who is a teacher in Elementary school. Finally, we find the solution on how to get an Ustaz so that i can start my study much better by having a guidance from the person who are accredited. The teachers are helpful and friendly.

Picture via google image

Now, here i am in this beautiful school which really giving an oppurtunity to improve myself. Not even just attending for Islamic subject but now i'm attending for other subjects that i have take until  SPM exam day.


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