Thursday : a come back post or just hangat2 T.ayam.

It's been awhile tak taip ape-ape dalam personal blog saya nie. berbulan-bulan juga. hehehe... Now i'm back again. Don't  know wether this is the Istiqomah one or just "hot-hot chicken drop". But anyway, life has been so hard for me nowadays. Many things happen. People make mistakes include me. I'm just human. Hopefully after this my life would be more better. It just i need to do something with the right attitude to achieve my dreams. Insya'allah.....

Alhamdulillah after all what i have been through , Still can breathe and do something that keeps me alive. Thank you Allah for still giving a time and lend this body. and Thanks to my Dad, for being always beside me. May Allah always bless Daddy and Family.

So with this post, i include a photo which i took and wondering why i upload this kind of photo. It is related to what i have been doing today.

First - The laptop, of course without it. I can't blog. social networking everyday is a must. Obviously Facebooking.

2nd - My old mobilephone ( but still working brialliantly - LOL). It's a must nowadays....

3rd - That white envelope (inside of it). it's one of the precious things that i got from my Beloved daddy. It's a Prophets Story DVD.
Approaching the Sunnah : Comprehension and Controversy

4th - Cutie nail clipper. keep my finger nail / toe neat and clean. Sunnah every Thursday and fridays to cutting nails. 

The Muslim Prayer Book
5th - My skull cap. Solat fardhu 5 waktu sehari adalah tanggungjawap kita sebagai Hamba-NYA.

That's all for today... (to be continued)


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