Holiday With Foster Family

laying down in a bed - FEVER!

Last previous end of the week, it was an up and down for my health. The fever that i had was spoiled the mood of my excitement. I didn't enjoy much when i was in Cameron highland. But it was a good experienced because i had an opportunity to explore some things that i never thought of. Which i only thought of Cameron Highland is only a place for Boh Tea (LOL!), i mean Tea Plantations. My asumption was wrong.

BOH Plantation - Sungai Palas

To my surprise, Cameron Highland is not about plucking the tea leaves in a Tea Bush to Tea Cup. A lot of other attraction is available for people who want to explore more about this well known place. There are flowers that attract and capture our eyes to see. Some of the flowers i haven't seen before.

nice view isn't it?

Dad take photo of us with his favourite camera.

Bird of Paradise, as always - Stunning and mesmerizing

So vibrant colour

Strawberry Chocolate

Front office of Mardi - 1st day exploration of Cameron Highland

The Cute Mardi Tower
It is also rare to see this flower in every gardens. 
This flower must be from Pandora Planet - AVATAR (LOL!)
This flower look like a bell
This look odd  but likeable flower.

Aside from visiting MARDI, we do also go to Big Red Strawberry Farm. But this place..... Masya'allah..... the slope of this hillside is devastatingly high.

vibrant colour of cactus
i love the symmetry of this vase been put
yum yum! - guess what plant is this?
Balqis and Deanna

My lil' foster sister  wawa craving for this key chains

i already forgot the name ofthis flower. :(

Another place that we have been are the BOH Tea Centre at Sungai Palas. Very nice place to  visit especially if you guys want to know the History of BOH.

Overall, the trip was good for me. to see a lot of greenery scene is good for people like me living in urban place.


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