Make your Ipod Touch as a Substitute Smartphone

I just thought that this way of using gadget would help and fully utilized for those users out there who are using Ipod Touch like me. Ok, let me share something about my interest of using all the tech gadgets nowadays. Before i plan to buy an ipod touch, i am so into Instagram. Since Instagram developers didn't provide it for Blackberry OS. I made a decision to buy one.

Ipod Touch 4G
So i bought one just for the sake of it. Well, i'm into photography and wanted to use Instagram as one of the platform for me to enhance my creativity of taking photo and editing skills. Beside, Instagram have a lot of users nowadays - million of users. Just want get discovered with my talent. ahaks! Here is my Profile is you guys want to follow. Follow me and i'll follow you. :)

Throughout using this gadget, i found out that this gadget can be use as a smartphone. Yes, as a substitute SMARTPHONE.  Do you read me?(LOL!) Why? because Ipod Touch 4th and 5th generation have the same applications like any other Iphone. It's just the differences between these 2 gadgets is that Iphone can connect to internet using wifi and simcard. While Ipod touch only can connect to internet using wifi.

Back to the main point, why i said that Ipod Touch can be use as a substitute smartphone? Because of this.....

Mifi Modem
Taaarrraaaaa................cute isn't? Small, handy, even can put it in the pocket and bring it everywhere. Apart from that, like i mention before that Ipod Touch have the same applications like Iphone. So using applications like Viber, Wechat, Tango and etc. is a completely change for your ipod touch.

BB Curve 9360

For more info : Explore here - BB OS 7.1

Another option is by using wifi hotspot. Regardless of what brand of Smartphone you are using. Either Blackberry, Samsung, HTC and etc. In my case, i'm using Blackberry Curve 9360 with 7.1 OS. The only thing that need to be aware of is the Battery of the phone. Using this kind of method can drained the battery fast. Always make sure the battery is in full charge or provide powerbank battery charger.

Powerbank External Battery Charger
The conclusion, it is how you use the gadget by exploring the functions of every gadget that you owned. Hope this post of mine will give some idea for whatever gadget that you may have. :)

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