Yuna Zarai

Talk about Yuna, in the early days of her involvement in music industry in her home country Malaysia. I'm not really a big fan of her. But used to like some of her Malay songs.  Then, when i rediscover back her music involvement as an independent singer in USA. I become more interested and want to know more about her achievement as an independent singer in USA. 

My 1st impression during my researched about Yuna based on Youtube, News from social media and her own website. I was not that being skeptical about wether she can't make it or not. What i found about this talented Yuna is that her music, she represents herself as for what she is which i think not all artist can sustained  this kind of positive attitude just like what she does.

Her music, i just can't believe it really make me fever (addicted and love to listened) untill everytime i wanna go to sleep will listen her songs esp. the song titled - Coffee.  :) Yeah i know, kind of awkward and admitted here in my blog. But that what's happen to me.  hehehe...

She make mostly of her songs based on her life experienced, which i think amazing and really can connect through it which can relate to a listeners about life. Some of you read this might say that i become fan of her because she won in Anugerah Juara Lagu (AJL) 27  that was held this recently.  I would say, it just a coincidence.  Because, i'm not really into Malaysian music industry and if you ask me, i'm much more into indonesian music.

The reason i'm into her music now is that i really attracted on how she bring herself as a Malay women in the big country like USA.  Another factor is that Pharrell wanted collaborate with her to make music. Which i think this is cool. This mean and shows that people out there really see her ability to make true and good music. I know she got alot of award and endorsement in Malaysia but still that is not the reason i became fan of her.

Speaking about her acoustic songs, it's very unique listen to a beautiful voice she have. Some of her song really inspiring and simple to understand which i can relate to my own life. :) 

This is my favourite song so far ....

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