Augmented Reality on Mobile Phone

The technology of Mobile phone constantly evolving from time to time. Nowadays, Mobile phone is a neccessity for mostly people that require us to do based on our daily activities. Smart phone as i would say the new term for mobile phone is a phone that can make you going insanely careless about your quality time
 (if you don't know how to spend your time) due to the availability of the application.

From writing e-mail, social networking, take picture and many more (you name it). It's all in one. The compactness of technology in mobile phone that we don't even realized that all this thing has been part our life in order for us to perform our daily task in a sense that make our life so easy and fast.

In conjunction to that, Augmented Reality is one of the cool technology that has been introduced in Mobile Phone world. The Flexibility of this technology has captured every technology enthusiast including me. :) Let's watch the video from ColdFustion.

In my opinion, Augmented Reality will be a massive phenomenal technology that will blow your mind. Time will tell...

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