Bohol - God's Little Paradise

Bohol are one of the interesting places that i visited before my classes begin last year 2015.  If not because of my cousin i think i don't have the opportunity to explore Bohol which is one of the major island in Visayas. 

Actually it is an unplanned trip to go to Bohol, since i have a few weeks left before the classes started for the 2nd semester. So I was boring just stay at Cebu City and my cousin give me a suggestions to explore outside of Cebu City. He suggested that maybe go to an island like Bohol. 

Coincidentally, Bohol is like a hometown for my cousin since he was grew up in Tagbilaran City where he used to study in one of the Highschool and tertiary institute in Bohol. I am pretty sure he is very familiar with the place which i don't have to worry being lost. Then i said yes, why not. I would like to see the chocolate hills that people talked about either through word of mouth and social media. 

So we decided to go on weekend since he is not on duty. We depart from port at Pier 1, Cebu City to Tubigon port in Bohol using StarCraft. He said, it's better to choose Tubigon port instead of direct to Tagbilaran City because he can show me around start from Carmen where the Chocolate Hills located. Furthermore the fare to Tubigon is cheaper than going direct to Tagbilaran City and it is much exciting to explore Bohol by bus according to him. 

Other than Chocolate Hills, my cousin's Alxend bring me to a place where all cute primates live. It is a cute small peculiar animal called Tarsier. Aside from visited Tarsier Conservation Area, he bring me to one of the extraordinary places which he called "Man Made Forest". According to him those trees been planted by the local people until it became a forest. If i not been informed by my cousin's Alxend i wouldn't know that the Forest is Man made. I would assumed that those trees are naturally grow until it become forest. 

Within a day we were able to explored 3 major tourist spots. So moral of the story is that get someone who are familiar with the places you would love to go for a trip. Hopefully in the future will get a chance to come back in Bohol since there few places that i would love to explore like Panglao. 


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