Mantayupan & Kawasan Falls

Mantayupan Falls which is nearby to my grandfather place from my mother side in Barili. Are one of the mesmerizing falls that i have ever seen. The view is breathtaking and the moment i entered the area i feel was welcomed by the humming of the birds.

With the entrance fee of PHP20. It is worth it to stop over at this amazingly natural falls. The 98-feet tall falls is a sight to see. Feel the weight of the water dropping and the tug of the water wave which makes it even more exciting. However i didn't swim because it was just a temporary stop. Since my priority destination is Kawasan Falls.

1st time i heard the name of the Falls, it's like Malay word. Kawasan word in Malay means area or region. I guess the person who discovered this Fall is orang Melayu. Afterall, Philippines is Malayo Polynesian.

Kawasan Falls is the 2nd tourist spot that outside from Cebu City that i visited when i 1st arrived here in the Philippines. Based on my experienced exploring this beautiful place.... i would say. It's a paradise. The water is crystal clear and the environment are clean.

This beautiful natural place really made my exploration experienced more meaningful. When you saw those gentle hush of rushing ice cool water it really calm your feeling, body and soul. The trip to Kawasan Falls is free since am travelled with my cousin using his motorbike. The cost for us is just the entrance fee which cost us PHP25.


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