Whale Shark Watching - Oslob

Been here last April 2016 since i didn't take classes for summer. Got the opportunity to visit Oslob for the 1st time with my friend from Malaysia. Actually i didn't expected for a trip to Oslob but since my Malaysian friend come to Cebu alone during his vacation. I accompany him going to Oslob to watch Whale shark or in local word Butanding.

The trip took about 4 hours travelled to Oslob by taking Bus at South terminal nearby to Elizabeth Mall. We departed from Cebu approximately about 3am in the morning. I didn't expected much from this trip however the feel is change once i arrived at Oslob i feel the excitement when i saw alot of people gathered in one place just to watched the Whale shark.

Before we started the main activity to watch the Whale shark we need to attend the orientation 1st about what is the Do's and Don'ts. The feeling once i dived in the sea and try to take some photos with Butanding is frightening at 1st. But once i get to used to it for a few shots. The fear is gone since i can feel Butanding is harmless and tame. 

Will definitely come back here for my next trip to Oslob since i didn't get the chance to explore Tumalog falls. Furthermore, one of the owner of the resort said that during summer the water at the falls is not that much compare to other season.


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