Sony MDR-XB550 Headphones

Last week i bought a headphones at Robinson Mall. One of the reason why i bought it because i always listening to music while i am on the go. So i think i need a clear with extra bass and a bit louder than the usual headphones since i don't like the outside noises when i listen to music.

The headphones that i choose is Sony model MDR-XB550AP. I found it quite nice because it has extra bass with a clear voice. Before i bought this, i've been to several electronic shops that specifically sell Stereo headphones and speakers. Althought i am quite tempted to buy Sudio or Marshall brand. But i think the brand is too overpriced.

When i look around and saw a Sony store, i get inside. While i was testing for every models that has been display in that store.  for the quality of the sound and the comfortness to put it on my ear. Then one of the promoter told they have a few units new models of headphone that haven't been display yet and he showed it to me.

When i saw it, i totally love the color because it is not a common color. It's Green!!!! When i tested it, it feels comfortable on my ears and the sound quality is very good. The price? quite affordable for me. Then i just grabbed it. Take my money SONY. lol..


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