Be Happier #2

Let The Love Flow From You

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When you've been hurt, it's hard to let your guard and allow the love to flow from you unfettered. Fact is, we've all been hurt by love. It's how you choose to react and move forward that matters. When you permit feelings of fear, jealousy, anger, the need to control or resentment to take charge, it's easy to become bitter and defensive.

By doing so, you erect barriers that prevent you from finding true love. In fact, we often attract what we put out, which means that if you're approaching love in this negative way, you're more likely to find someone who is bitter, defensive, resentful, jealous and so on.

Try instead to let go of your hurt and take steps to heal yourself in healthy ways. Do all of those things for yourself that your last partner didn't. Write about the experience in a journal to allow yourself to process all of your feelings. Look within yourself to see where you can improve and be a better partner.

Be a force of love, support, joy and peace. Believe in the power of love and that you too, will find someone who treats you as you deserve. You'll be impressed at how thinking positively and taking positive actions to support those thoughts will bring you what you want.

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