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Misfit Shine

The wearable health device like Fuel from Nike, Samsung Gear Fit, Jawbone, Smartband from Sony and etc. has been a change gamer in technology consumer’s eyes. It is increasingly become popular in the era of the fast evolving technology. Because everyone would like to synchronized with the mobile device with the app provided. Especially with the busy world nowadays.
Few days ago, I was wondering around at one of the Mall in Johor Bahru. Well, I was looking for something (device) that I can use and monitor my daily activity. So I ended up in ATR an Apple authorized reseller. Looking around and see if there is a device that will caught up my eyes.
The 1st thing that I grab is Sport Armband – Capdase that I used to wear when I’m going to jog. Since the old one has been ripped. I decided to get a new one. Then, my last intention in buying something is the MISFIT Shine. I was attracted by how the activity monitor device has been packaged. It look simple and Classy as I may say.