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Getting Started...but Confused

Frankly said, I don’t even have an idea on how to begin and where to start to make an online business whether in blog nor in website (I don’t even have a website but maybe oneday). Then I decided to read en.zahir blog titled Life Trails A Quest of Life.

It’s good, fun, easy to read and understand for people like me(if you know what I mean). And it has give me some idea on how to begin and also an inspiration. I will keep on visiting his blog for the latest news update. For those who are interested to read this blog here is the URL address.

Im sure you guys will enjoy and have a good resources upon reading this blog. Especially for those beginner like me. I discovered en.zahir blog from website which is also I discovered this website from local magazine called Al-Islam which is one of my favourite mag. At the same time, learning back on how to add adsense to my blogsite, working with ads and etc.

On Google Adsense Help Support Centre Page.Which i make copy and paste…

My 1st Time writing Blog In English

Today is the 1st day im writing a blog in English language based on my knowledge. Before this, I do convinced myself to write a blog in English but I don’t have a confidence in myself and at the same time i feel afraid that blogger readers could not understand the content of my English blog.

But now, I don’t really care about that feeling anymore because I realized that if I don’t change I could not improved my english and learn something new. And most probably just writing my blog in Malay Language. (no Malay Language provided in website blogger anyway)

Now, there must be someone out there who read this blog especially blogger readers wondering why I don’t take English Class Lesson first before making an good English blog. Well, it’s hard for me to say that I don’t have enough financial or in other words I don’t have enough money to attend to take a good English Class Lesson.

With a little amount of my salary, it’s hard for me to take English class lesson with hundreds of Ringgit Malays…