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MacBook Air

Semenjak MacBook Pro versi 2011 saya buat hal (dah uzur agaknye), saya mengambil keputusan untuk dapatkan laptop baru. Saya mengambil keputusan untuk dapatkan MacBook Air berbanding daripada laptop yang berasaskan Windows OS. Ini disebabkan dari pengalaman saya menggunakan  MacBook Pro yang boleh menjangkau lebih kurang 7 tahun.

Melalui pengalaman saya juga dengan menggunakan laptop yang berasaskan windows nie... selalunya jangka hayat hanya dalam 2-3 tahun sebelum saya start guna Macbook Pro pada tahun 2011.  Dengan itu, saya mengambil keputusan untuk meneruskan guna Macbook.

Ok, banyak orang kata... orang yang guna brand Apple nie untuk orang orang kaya je. Bagi saya tidak, kerana kualiti yang ada pada Macbook ini lebih tahan lama dari laptop yang berasaskan Windows OS ataupun Linux. Bak kata pepatah melayu "biarlah alah membeli memang memakai". Tapi saya memang tak gemar guna Iphone. haha.... tak berbaloi - mahal siot (overpriced). Baik guna Android Smartphone lebih berba…
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Review: Real Focus: How to Manage Your Life Load So You Can Start Living Your Life

Real Focus: How to Manage Your Life Load So You Can Start Living Your Life by Psychologies Magazine
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book contain 3 chapters. with 184pages inside. As a reader who want to improve my daily task. this book shows me how to get things done by prioritizing which task need to be done 1st by identifying it. I like the last part of this book that stated that it's all about systems that you need to figure out. Make that system as a habit and work on it. Another tip that i found out that useful for me is the "No Zero Day" which make sense at all.

However, as i read through this book. I realized that this book can be like a guidance for me which i read on as and when i need it since this book packed with valuable advice that helps me to sharpen more my focus on the project that i would to do. Hopefully this will cultivate a good ones and can make a huge difference to my life.

If you're looking for a book that help you to change your unwanted habit …

Sony MDR-XB550 Headphones

Last week i bought a headphones at Robinson Mall. One of the reason why i bought it because i always listening to music while i am on the go. So i think i need a clear with extra bass and a bit louder than the usual headphones since i don't like the outside noises when i listen to music.

The headphones that i choose is Sony model MDR-XB550AP. I found it quite nice because it has extra bass with a clear voice. Before i bought this, i've been to several electronic shops that specifically sell Stereo headphones and speakers. Althought i am quite tempted to buy Sudio or Marshall brand. But i think the brand is too overpriced.

When i look around and saw a Sony store, i get inside. While i was testing for every models that has been display in that store.  for the quality of the sound and the comfortness to put it on my ear. Then one of the promoter told they have a few units new models of headphone that haven't been display yet and he showed it to me.

When i saw it, i totally …

Whale Shark Watching - Oslob

Been here last April 2016 since i didn't take classes for summer. Got the opportunity to visit Oslob for the 1st time with my friend from Malaysia. Actually i didn't expected for a trip to Oslob but since my Malaysian friend come to Cebu alone during his vacation. I accompany him going to Oslob to watch Whale shark or in local word Butanding.

The trip took about 4 hours travelled to Oslob by taking Bus at South terminal nearby to Elizabeth Mall. We departed from Cebu approximately about 3am in the morning. I didn't expected much from this trip however the feel is change once i arrived at Oslob i feel the excitement when i saw alot of people gathered in one place just to watched the Whale shark.

Before we started the main activity to watch the Whale shark we need to attend the orientation 1st about what is the Do's and Don'ts. The feeling once i dived in the sea and try to take some photos with Butanding is frightening at 1st. But once i get to used to it for a few …

Mantayupan & Kawasan Falls

Mantayupan Falls which is nearby to my grandfather place from my mother side in Barili. Are one of the mesmerizing falls that i have ever seen. The view is breathtaking and the moment i entered the area i feel was welcomed by the humming of the birds.

With the entrance fee of PHP20. It is worth it to stop over at this amazingly natural falls. The 98-feet tall falls is a sight to see. Feel the weight of the water dropping and the tug of the water wave which makes it even more exciting. However i didn't swim because it was just a temporary stop. Since my priority destination is Kawasan Falls.

1st time i heard the name of the Falls, it's like Malay word. Kawasan word in Malay means area or region. I guess the person who discovered this Fall is orang Melayu. Afterall, Philippines is Malayo Polynesian.

Kawasan Falls is the 2nd tourist spot that outside from Cebu City that i visited when i 1st arrived here in the Philippines. Based on my experienced exploring this beautiful place....…

Bohol - God's Little Paradise

Bohol are one of the interesting places that i visited before my classes begin last year 2015.  If not because of my cousin i think i don't have the opportunity to explore Bohol which is one of the major island in Visayas. 

Actually it is an unplanned trip to go to Bohol, since i have a few weeks left before the classes started for the 2nd semester. So I was boring just stay at Cebu City and my cousin give me a suggestions to explore outside of Cebu City. He suggested that maybe go to an island like Bohol. 
Coincidentally, Bohol is like a hometown for my cousin since he was grew up in Tagbilaran City where he used to study in one of the Highschool and tertiary institute in Bohol. I am pretty sure he is very familiar with the place which i don't have to worry being lost. Then i said yes, why not. I would like to see the chocolate hills that people talked about either through word of mouth and social media. 

So we decided to go on weekend since he is not on duty. We depart from…

Trip to Terengganu : Part 2

Ha.... seperti yang dijanjikan. Part tu utk post Trip to Terengganu part 2....

Perjalanan dari jeti Marang ke Pulau Gemia tidaklah mengambil masa yang lama, lebih kurang 20 minit. Well, obviously takde lah naik bot yang ala2 sampan kan dengan bilangan passengers yang lebih dari 10 orang. Mau taknya bergegar lutut.

Sebelum menuju ke destinasi yang ingin dituju perasaan excited dah mula. Sepanjang perjalanan rasa seronok je. Hahaha…. But I must admitted that this is not the 1st time menaikibot. A few times dah and luckily I nie jenis yang tak mabuk laut. Hehehe…
Setibanya di pulau tersebut, saya pun bertanya kepada Daddy. Di mana saya dapati pulau tu nampak kecik dan tertanya-tanya kenape tak gi sebelah pulau yang lagi besar dan tepi pantai pasir yang nampak cantik dari pulau kecik nie.
Daddy kata bahawa pulau nie eksklusif skit dari penginapan yang terdapat kat Pulau kapas. Sejurus sahaja turun dari bot yang dinaiki. Masuk bilik simpan beg dan terus keluar gi pantai dengan membawa buku. Ta…