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Affiliate Program

On my previous post Getting Started....But Confused. I’ve mentioned about on how to begin and where to start to make an online business. Like be an Affiliate Marketer.Now I found it. It’s . Actually, i discovered this program a few months ago from a thread in King Of Dollars forum. The official forum for

But at that time, I don’t really interested on Affiliate Program ‘cause i’m more interested, excited, and crazy on investing my money into High Yield Investment Program which is the biggest scam on the Net.

Can you imagined that by just investing your money on certain investment program can give you profits up to 150% in just a few days without doing anything. That’s make me attracted on that time. Afterall,HYIP are very risky.

I do got scam USD150 and that is a big amount for me. Convert it into Ringgit Malaysia its more or less than RM560. Like people always said if you’re joining HYIP,”don’t put all the eggs in one basket” and I decide to quit fro…