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Be Happier #2

Let The Love Flow From You

When you've been hurt, it's hard to let your guard and allow the love to flow from you unfettered. Fact is, we've all been hurt by love. It's how you choose to react and move forward that matters. When you permit feelings of fear, jealousy, anger, the need to control or resentment to take charge, it's easy to become bitter and defensive.

By doing so, you erect barriers that prevent you from finding true love. In fact, we often attract what we put out, which means that if you're approaching love in this negative way, you're more likely to find someone who is bitter, defensive, resentful, jealous and so on.

Try instead to let go of your hurt and take steps to heal yourself in healthy ways. Do all of those things for yourself that your last partner didn't. Write about the experience in a journal to allow yourself to process all of your feelings. Look within yourself to see where you can improve and be a better partner.

Be a force …

Make your Ipod Touch as a Substitute Smartphone

I just thought that this way of using gadget would help and fully utilized for those users out there who are using Ipod Touch like me. Ok, let me share something about my interest of using all the tech gadgets nowadays. Before i plan to buy anipod touch, i am so into Instagram. Since Instagram developers didn't provide it for Blackberry OS. I made a decision to buy one.

So i bought one just for the sake of it. Well, i'm into photography and wanted to use Instagram as one of the platform for me to enhance my creativity of taking photo and editing skills. Beside, Instagram have a lot of users nowadays - million of users. Just want get discovered with my talent. ahaks! Here is my Profile is you guys want to follow. Follow me and i'll follow you. :)

Throughout using this gadget, i found out that this gadget can be use as a smartphone. Yes, as a substitute SMARTPHONE.  Do you read me?(LOL!) Why? because Ipod Touch 4th and 5th generation have the same applications like any other…

Be Happier

I found this article very interesting and i would like to share this to all of you readers out there. People said, Sharing is caring.  :)

Practice Random Acts of Kindness

When you're kind to others, you become happier. It doesn't take much to be nice, and even giving a sweet smile to a stranger as you pass by or holding the door open for the next person can brighten someone's day.

Committing these simple acts of kindness sets in motion a positive domino effect, as you've improved another's life in a small but not insignificant way, and that person is now more likely to reach out and do the same.

By acting selflessly and paying kindness forward, you'll engage in positive social contact, feel less isolated, and might even feel a rush of those feel good chemicals, endorphins, known as a "helper's high"

Here are some ideas to get you started :

Pay for the coffee, toll, or other small purchase of the person in line behind you.Allow someone with only a fe…

Holiday With Foster Family

Last previous end of the week, it was an up and down for my health. The fever that i had was spoiled the mood of my excitement. I didn't enjoy much when i was in Cameron highland. But it was a good experienced because i had an opportunity to explore some things that i never thought of. Which i only thought of Cameron Highland is only a place for Boh Tea (LOL!), i mean Tea Plantations. My asumption was wrong.

To my surprise, Cameron Highland is not about plucking the tea leaves in a Tea Bush to Tea Cup. A lot of other attraction is available for people who want to explore more about this well known place. There are flowers that attract and capture our eyes to see. Some of the flowers i haven't seen before.

Aside from visiting MARDI, we do also go to Big Red Strawberry Farm. But this place..... Masya'allah..... the slope of this hillside is devastatingly high.