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Store your Files with 5GB for FREE with Google Drive

One of the newest product from google that attract me is Google drive. With this services it keep your files can be access everywhere, anywhere and anytime. I think this is a good product that google produce because they have a large amount of products that can be link into this services like Google Documents, photos from Google+ , and in Androids Mobile phone based. As we all know that every internet consumers now have google account and its widely used. The best thing which i think is cool about Google drive is that the capacity storage that they provide - 5 gigabytes for FREE. wow..... can u imagine that how many files you can store in it. In addition to that, Google Drive also let you easily share files with your friends and work colleages. cool!

Disassembled - Assembled Laptop

A week ago, i decided to disassembled my Compaq Presario Model C700 Laptop. The reason i do it because of cannot tahan(lah) with the heat of this laptop. Baru je guna dalam 15 minit dah panas and the effect is laptop systems getting slow dan mulalah browsing website jadi lembap.

Skru demi skru dibuka, dengan confident pandai lah konon nak pasang semula bila nak disassembled. Last-last, semua parts buka jadi piece by piece. Huhuhu..... satu demi satu dibuka, dari DVD driver sehinggalah buka mainboard. Hebat!!!!! Dalam fikiran, mampukah nak pasang semula nie, alamak habislah kalau tak dapat Assemble kan laptop nie semula. Haru takde laptop nak online.

Dengan fikiran positive, i said to myself ; Saya mampu pasang semula. Insya'allah. Ambil masa  2 hari tak assemble kan semula disebabkan saya ter.............rosakkan cable connector yang kecil utk kipas. Nasib baik jumpa spare part tu kat Low Yat.

Nie lah bentuk Cable connector tu. Kecik 
Dan... inilah kipas dalam laptop saya. Ni dah …