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Kudrat Membawa Berkat

This is one of the best Ad so far that i like for Raya Ad for the year 2013 - Kudrat Membawa berkat. In English meaning that if you put an effort with passionately (hard work) and diligence, good things will come by thinking that you can do it whatever circumstances you'll face.

Hope by watching it you'll got some values and implement it based on your lifestyle.

Salam Ramadhan for those who are fasting and Selamat hari raya..... tgh Mood raya nie. hehehe

Near Field Communication

What is NFC? NFC is a short-range high frequency wireless communication technology that enables the exchange of data between devices over about a 10 cm distance. read more...

You must be wondering what is the tools to use NFC. Let's watch this video.

'TapWise' NFC nTag 10 Pack

 I'm kind of fascinated by this kind of technology.

Augmented Reality on Mobile Phone

The technology of Mobile phone constantly evolving from time to time. Nowadays, Mobile phone is a neccessity for mostly people that require us to do based on our daily activities. Smart phone as i would say the new term for mobile phone is a phone that can make you going insanely careless about your quality time
 (if you don't know how to spend your time) due to the availability of the application.

From writing e-mail, social networking, take picture and many more (you name it). It's all in one. The compactness of technology in mobile phone that we don't even realized that all this thing has been part our life in order for us to perform our daily task in a sense that make our life so easy and fast.

In conjunction to that, Augmented Reality is one of the cool technology that has been introduced in Mobile Phone world. The Flexibility of this technology has captured every technology enthusiast including me. :) Let's watch the video from ColdFustion.

In my opinion, Augment…

The New Blackberry 10 : Features that won't be available in previous Blackberry OS.

The phenomena of Smarphone technology has always been evolved rapidly since the born of Internet World. Now, the new Blackberry 10 as proclaimed that will be launch on early Q1 of 2013 which will be fall this coming 30th, January 2013.

I'm sure,  Blackberrian fans out there can't wait to see the new features live on their hands of this Re-Designed , Re-engineered and Re-invented smartphones that made by RIM.

Let's take a sneak peek of the new features that will be offer for smartphone lover, before it will be launch soon. 



Flow in Action

and of course the must have app for every smartphone : Facebook

other features

For more updates of Blackberry 10, you can get all updates here in this link .
Blackberry 10 updates

Through my observation based on the social media news from youtube video and articles review about Blackberry 10. I only have 5 words for it. THE SMOOTHNESS OF USABILITY SMARTPHONE.

ADS : How to set up an online business in record time.

Yuna Zarai

Talk about Yuna, in the early days of her involvement in music industry in her home country Malaysia. I'm not really a big fan of her. But used to like some of her Malay songs.  Then, when i rediscover back her music involvement as an independent singer in USA. I become more interested and want to know more about her achievement as an independent singer in USA. 

My 1st impression during my researched about Yuna based on Youtube, News from social media and her own website. I was not that being skeptical about wether she can't make it or not. What i found about this talented Yuna is that her music, she represents herself as for what she is which i think not all artist can sustained  this kind of positive attitude just like what she does.

Her music, i just can't believe it really make me fever (addicted and love to listened) untill everytime i wanna go to sleep will listen her songs esp. the song titled - Coffee.  :) Yeah i know, kind of awkward and admitted here in my blog. …

Samsung Galaxy Camera

Samsung Galaxy Camera in my opinion is one of the best gadgets in the market around. Samsung really understand the need of the electronic device consumers today.

What I like about this new intelligent gadget (as I would call it) is that, it’s not only mainly to shot picture but at the same time people can directly share those picture into social network website like facebook, instagram, EyeEm, and etc.

But I’m kind of confuse… if it’s mainly to be function as a camera. Does it mean that this gadget also are the same like other smartphone that can make a call? Since it’s it build in with 3g/4g and wifi capabilities. Whatever it is, let’s see and visit this Youmobile website review of Samsung Galaxy Camera

Whatsapp Vs Viber

Kebanyakan telefon mudah alih masa kini seperti smartphone mempunyai applikasi-applikasi canggih bagi pengguna untuk berkomunikasi dengan lebih mudah. Contohnya seperti Whatsapp, Viber, Wechat, Line, Tango dan banyak lagi.

Untuk entri blog kali ini, saya ingin memberikan pendapat tentang kedua applikasi yang digunakan secara meluas dikalangan pengguna handphone khasnya smartphone. Applikasi yang saya maksudkan ialah Whatsapp dan Viber.

Kedua-dua applikasi ini berplatformkan text message sebagai format utama untuk berkomunikasi. Apa yang menarik dengan kedua-dua applikasi tersebut ialah setiap kali menghantar message mahupun berbalas message dengan banyak kali (pendek cerita, mcm chatting di Yahoo Messenger!. Ingat lagi?) bayaran tidak dikenakan.

It's Free. Ye.... FREE of charge, hokay!!! hehehe... akan tetapi, seperti pengguna-pengguna handphone sedia maklum. Untuk membolehkan applikasi-applikasi tersebut dapat digunakan - haruslah terlebih dahulu mempunyai Data Plan yang aktif (…