My 1st Time writing Blog In English

Today is the 1st day im writing a blog in English language based on my knowledge. Before this, I do convinced myself to write a blog in English but I don’t have a confidence in myself and at the same time i feel afraid that blogger readers could not understand the content of my English blog.

But now, I don’t really care about that feeling anymore because I realized that if I don’t change I could not improved my english and learn something new. And most probably just writing my blog in Malay Language. (no Malay Language provided in website blogger anyway)

Now, there must be someone out there who read this blog especially blogger readers wondering why I don’t take English Class Lesson first before making an good English blog. Well, it’s hard for me to say that I don’t have enough financial or in other words I don’t have enough money to attend to take a good English Class Lesson.

With a little amount of my salary, it’s hard for me to take English class lesson with hundreds of Ringgit Malaysia(RM) to pay the fee. I can’t believe that I confess this situations of my life to all of you guys….. But hey! this is blog, anyone can express themselves what they want to write so am I can do. But then I guess I deserved this. Because when I was still studied either in primary nor in secondaryschool.

I don’t really pay attention to this English Subject. But as time goes by, it made me realized that English Language are so important in any fields we are involved with.Especially in I.T world which really requires me to get more improved my English.

In order to improved my English, I bought dictionary books and the Essential guide to Good English book with learning by myself. In the same time, I’ll be more hardworking to read news and watching English programme to gained my learning progress in English Language.

Last but not least, I hope that my blog will be more develop than usual in aspect of grammar, vocabulary and most of all communication skill in writing(correct me if im wrong). Insya’Allah…and to all blogger readers, please don’t hesitate to post your comments. I’m ready to learn from all of you who is willing to give some comments, advice and tips on improving my English.

Zahir said...

Bro Nazmie,

Your English is GOOD. Write more post in English then apply Google Adsense from your Blog and make some money from it.


Zayyid.. said...

I m proud of you, my friend!!! Keep up the good work..InsyaAllah, when there s a will..there s always be a way...


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