Telling The Truth....Or Just Keep It For Goodness.

It's kind of weird to say when i hear and that person talked about bad things in front of me about the person that i really care and respect.

This is not the first time i hear from that person's mouth but too many times since 1st two week i've known this person. At first, i still can be patient to hear it. But when it comes to 2,3, 4, 5 times. I can't stand it anymore. Feel like i lose respect to this person. In the beginning, i still can accept it but when that person keep telling me over and over again i feel annoyed and get mad. So, i decided to keep this person mouth off by telling that person to stop, or i may hate you.

At first, I decided not to tell this matter to the person i really care and respect because this might hurt and affected. But i couldn't stand it anymore.....So i tell the truth.

Sometimes, i don't understand why that person want to do this and keep saying the same things about the person that i really care and respect behind his back. If do this because of you want me to like you and drag me into your life and be your good friend. You make the wrong move. I'm sorry if i said something about your family that might hurt your feeling. But as far as i know, i don't say anything bad.

For me and my advice to you being as a friend,Take a look yourself at the mirror and ask yourself. HOW DO I SOLVE MY LOTs OF PROBLEM? Keep the positive things in your mind. I know i'm not the perfect person to say this to you. But as a friend and concern of you, mind your own business and do solve your problems.

For you guys out there....
What should you do when this happen to you?
Will you feel get mad, anoyying, hate that person or you might punch that person?


  1. Salam.

    Macam² cara orang akan buat untuk mendapatkan apa saja yang mereka kehendaki. berhati - hati Nazmi.

    Lagipun sekarang nie ko di tempat orang. Hakikatnya Rambut sama hitam tapi hati lain².

    Mungkin aku juga tidak layak untuk memberikan ko nasihat. Tapi as a Family, the best way ialah Mohon padaNya agar diberikan petunjuk.

    Dan ingat dan peganglah selalu akan 'nilai kepercayaan' yang telah diberikan oleh sesiapapun pada, kita kena jaga.

    - salam hujung minggu -

  2. Thanks for the advice bro.

    Tulah, orang yang saya ambil berat dan respect nie tak pernah kacau / memburukkan langsung pada dia.

    Tak paham betul aku dgn org macam nie. Sendiri tak mau cermin diri sendiri bahawa sebenarnya dia yang teruk dan suka mengumpat orang dari beakang. Klu dia tak puas hati, cakap terang2 dgn orang yang saya ambil berat dan respect nie. Hipokrit betul.......

    Buang karat ja mulutnya yang pongak tu nak bagitau aku. Dorang hanya menilai dari apa yang dorang lihat. suka sgt judge orang.....

    once again jul, thanks.....

  3. Nazmi,

    You supposed to look into the other side when people give u an advice.. u just can't ignored it, especially the person who keep telling you bout that other person is someone closed to you... there is no reason others to talk bout other ppl when there is no reason rite.. but here... there is no harm for you to think wisely... don't ever u judge a book by ots cover...

    New frend... nid

  4. Askm Nida,
    Thanks for your comment... to me it's clear enough that this guy who keep telling me bad things about the person that i respect and care IS no brain(eventhough he's an educated kind of person), no manners and he doesnt think at all to whom his talking to. Can u imagine that the person that i care and respect never a single word talk about this guy behind his back.

    And what the Hell he's talking like that to the person i respect and care? What is his motive? Trying to manipulate something? Is that his reason?

    I dont think its an Advice........


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