Tubuh Sexy Jennifer

On Saturday October 31st, which is last month. Me and my friend Rejab watched a movie called Jennifer's Body. The reason we watch this movie because of Megan Fox (if you you're a big fan of Transformer, i'm sure you'll know her) are one of the main starring in this Movie which she played a role of a beautiful sexy young teen who like eat boys as her dishes to keep her beautiness of her sexy body.  LOL!!!!

Ok, let's keep it short 'cause i'm not really good at reviewing a movie. What i  like about this movie is that the love and friendship between Jennifer and Needy played by Amanda Seyfried(Mamma Mia) showed on this movie. They are very good friends eventhough their style and personality are way too different from each other. But, their friendship is changed when Jennifer possessed by a hungry Demon.

One more thing i like is there's a scene showed when Needy Killed Jennifer. When Needy take off the Necklace which have a BFF's love symbol from jennifer's neck. It kind of funny to see how's Jennifer reactions of her face. She feel Sad and never thought that Needy would do such kind of thing which lead to the end of their friendship. But how can she feel those kind of human feeling if she already a demon. LOL!!!! 

The end of the story, Needy killed the boys rockband which is the main reason of the story of their (Jennifer, Needy and Chip) life being chaos. You'll know what i mean when you watched this Movie.


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