Avatar - Pandora - Na'vi

Watched this breathtaking movie last 27th dec. which fall on sunday. At first when i saw the Avatar Movie Trailer,i thought that this is just an ordinary 3D animation movie. Despite of that, i was wrong. This 3 hours movie will make you say WOW while you're watching it. Trust me.

The uniqueness of this movie is the combination between the real world and 3D animation which i think has the perfect blend. The actors are very good indeed esp. the character of Neytiri played by Zoe Saldana which gave an emotional and strong performance and my fav. Alien movie Queen Sigourney weaver - she always amazed me. Sam worthington - Damn your good.

The storyline - blow me away. Want my advice? Just go to cinema at your nearest place while it's still available.


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